The Pros and Cons of Wearing Mineral Make-Up

For the past years, mineral make-up has become increasingly popular. There is no denying that this type of cosmetic sounds good, so the question is, is it really the better choice for you?

Today, we will be tackling what exactly mineral make-up is and also its pros and cons so that you’ll have a more informed choice if you intend to join its bandwagon.

What is mineral make-up?

The use of mineral make-up dates back to the ancient times. As the name suggests, it is a type of cosmetic that contains minerals such as kaolin, titanium dioxide, allantoin, rice powder, talc, iron oxide and zinc oxide. These minerals are then micronized to create various make-up products.

Pros of using mineral make-up

  • It is known to give good coverage. Based on reports from users, it also lasts longer compared to other cosmetics. It is even waterproof.
  • Despite of giving you a great coverage, it is still light. Mineral make-up allows the skin to breathe easier.
  • It is all-natural. Most of the time, its formula does not include fragrances and dyes. This is good news for people who have sensitive skin since those ingredients are known to be skin irritants.
  • Mineral makeup products are known to be non-comedogenic. This means that they do not clog the pores, which may cause acne breakouts.
  • Some of the minerals used such as titanium dioxide have anti-inflammatory properties. Because of this, they can help those with acne problems.
  • It lasts longer as opposed to traditional make-up. Based on reviews, it can last around 2 to 3 years if properly stored and used.

Cons of using mineral make-up

  • Mineral make-up can be a little drying. This, of course, is not ideal because it may cause premature aging of the skin or the formation of wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Since it does not contain synthetic coloring agents, the shades may be limited compared to the traditional type. In addition to this, they tend to be lighter in shade and color.
  • Some may contain chemical preservatives and even synthetic ingredients. Read the label first to make sure that your brand is authentically “pure”.
  • Mineral make-up is more expensive than traditional ones.
  • Since this type of make-up are mineralized and very fine, they can easily be inhaled into your lungs. This is, of course, very dangerous to your health. As a precaution, when applying mineral make-up like powder, make sure that there is an open window nearby.
  • Some contain bismuth oxychloride. This mineral is added for shimmer. The ingredient has become very controversial in the past years because there are a number of studies indicating that it can cause skin irritation and may even put you at risk of acne breakouts.

These are just some of the pros and cons of using mineral make-up. Before buying a product, it will be helpful to read the label first and check through samples what best fits your skin. Lastly, don’t forget to read labels so that you’ll know what products to use or avoid.

Make Up For Less

Nowadays, looking chic can be very expensive. With high quality, popular make up brands such as MAC and Lancôme that come with a pricey cost, it can be a bit disheartening to hope to find make ups that can give you excellent results without having to pay as much.

Because of the rising costs of – well – almost everything, it’s not uncommon for us ladies to try to find cheap alternatives to expensive brands, from clothes to shoes, accessories to make ups.

Yes, top make up brands earned their good reputations because of valid reasons and outstanding quality, but is it possible to find a decent brand that can help you achieve the expensive look top brands can give in just a fraction of the price?

Actually, there are many cheap brands we tend to overlook that are available in our local drugstores. Because of their names that we haven’t heard of before, we usually pay no attention to them. The following are some of the affordable makeup brands that have received superior reviews and feedback from our fellow females who refuse to pay more just to look a bit better:

NYX – NYX is one of the drugstore make ups most sought after by makeup enthusiasts. This brand offers a wide range of cosmetics from eyeliners to matte lipsticks. NYX’s selection of matte lipsticks is quite in demand that sometimes you would have to search for them and purchase online due to the product’s unavailability. NYX cosmetics prices start for as low as £5.

Rimmel London – This brand offers an assortment of make ups as well, from eye shadows to lipsticks. Rimmel London offers lipsticks that are virtually indistinguishable from Kate Moss lipsticks. Rimmel London products are available from £2.99.

Topshop – Topshop has products that were especially formulated and can provide you with results near perfection. One of their best sellers is the Topshop Glow Highlighter which can give your skin a radiant glow. Topshop Glow Highlighter costs only £9.

Bourjois – Bourjois is a French brand quickly gaining recognition in numerous countries worldwide. This brand can give you that elegant look that can be compared to what more expensive top brands can provide you. Bourjois has a price range starting from £4.49.

Barry M – Barry M is a popular, inexpensive make up brand that has originated in London. Barry M Lash Vegas Mascara is one of their most recommendable products, and it costs merely £6.49.

Sleek Make Up – Sleek Make Ups can’t only give you a more expensive look, its quality also feels more expensive.  You can find this drugstore makeup with costs starting from £2.59.

These are just some of the countless options you have when hunting for make ups with great quality but have economical costs. If you truly love make ups and love experimenting as well as exploring your options, check out these brands and you cannot go wrong.