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It is very tempting to just chuck on the nearest pair of leggings, baggy top, sunglasses and cap to cover the up the fact that you can’t really be bothered to be looking your best. Who could blame you? We are only going to go to the gym and the let’s face it we aren’t going to be looking our best on the treadmill sweating like a pig.

In addition to this there weren’t even that many option to choose from outside of the traditional sports brands who often only focus on the function of the clothing and completely forget about the style and visual appeal. Things have changed in recent years with a number of fitness brands that cater for this and who are really passionate “’bout that life”.

I first heard about Gymshark through one of my favourite fitness YouTubers Niki Blackketter who is sponsored by them and regularly gets to fly around the World promoting them – SO JEALOUS!

Gymshark Leggings

I was a bit hesitant to buy the Gymshark leggings at first because let’s face it, I hate doing squats, and I don’t have that squat booty as Nikki does however I took the plunge anyway. Overall I do like them, they do look nice – eye catching – and are made out of high quality material. They use DRY Moisture Management Technology which keeps me cool and feeling fresh. They also motivate me to go to the gym so that I can stay in good enough shape to actually wear them!

If you want to buy Gymshark you can use Nikki Blackketter’s discount code which is NIKKI10 alternatively you can find more Gymshark discount codes at In fact I will buy some tops within a few days as I am in desperate need of some, I find I am always wearing the same few things.

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