Taking Care Of Your Shoes

There’s no denying that shoes are extremely important. We use them when we go to work, to the gym, to run some errands – almost everywhere when we leave our homes.

Maintaining your shoes can help reduce cash you spend in replacing damaged shoes with new ones all the time. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to prolong the life of your shoes. They are easy to do and inexpensive as well.

So, what are the best things to do to take care of your shoes?

With a wide range of shoe cleaners, shoe conditioners, and many other products available today designed to protect your shoes, it’s not surprising if you would want to try some for your own pairs.  In trying some new products, just use a little amount on some hidden areas on your shoes to make sure that they aren’t damaging.

The use of shoe trees shouldn’t be neglected. After using your shoes, put cedar shoe trees to allow your shoes to get back to its original form or shape. A couple of hours of using shoe trees should be enough for the shoe trees to absorb moisture from your pair, too.

If your shoes got soaked, put crumpled newspapers in them right after taking them off. The newspaper should be able to help the interior of your shoes to dry. Don’t attempt to dry your shoes with the use of heaters or direct sunlight or heat because this may lead to your pair being damaged. Exposing your shoes to direct heat can cause irreparable damage, especially to leather shoes.

Prevention is always better than cure. Or, in this case, prevention is better than repairs. Going to the cobbler to have them add heel caps as well as rubber soles is always a good way to protect your shoes from damages. But, if you haven’t had the time to add rubber soles and your shoes already have heel drags, just keep an eye on them and perform proper maintenance. Bring them to the cobbler for re-heeling before your soles become totally ruined.

Pricey or cheap, we should always take care of our shoes. Shoes that are well taken care of can be used for a longer time than shoes that we just toss in the closet after a long day’s work.

Must-Have Ladies’ Boots

Boots are sleek, sexy, and can definitely add a lot of style and personality to your look. Every woman needs to own some pair of boots that can be used for different seasons.

Some of the must-have boots for every woman are:

Vintage or classic but chic cowboy boots – Cowboy boots are fashionable boots that don’t go out of style.  You can wear them with skinny denim jeans, denim shorts, or even leggings. To achieve that cowboy–girl look, wear a chequered blouse or shirt.

Ankle boots – Ankle boots are one of the most popular types of boots because they go well with almost everything: shorts, skirts, jeans, and even dresses. You can practically wear them every day. Ankle booties usually have heels, but variations of these boots without heels are now becoming popular.

Knee high boots – Daring and sexy knee high boots can add a distinct flare and spice to your attire. Pair knee high boots to skinny jeans and just a plain top and you’re good to go. You can pair these boots with dresses, too. If you want to take your style up a notch, add a trendy trench coat or jacket to your attire.

Combat boots – Combat boots are great if you want to achieve a rugged appearance. You can wear combat boots with short skirts and leather jackets.

Biker or Moto Boots – Moto boots never go out of style, especially when paired with leather jacket and ripped denims. However, wearing biker boots with dresses with cotton fabrics as well as leggings is becoming a trend now.

Riding Boots – Riding boots are the staple pair of boots every woman can use daily. Riding boots are ideal for casual as well as formal events. Additionally, they are comfortable to use.

Boots aren’t only widely popular because of their timeless style. Boots can provide comfort and protection against the cold winter, stormy weather, as well as humidity. It’s not necessary that you have all these types of boots; but having a pair or two would be something that you will definitely benefit from.

How To Clean Different Shoe Materials

Every shoe lover knows that taking care of our prized pairs is utterly important if you want your shoes to be usable for years. Additionally, a well-kept pair can help you save money because you don’t necessarily have to buy new pairs regularly.

Taking good care of your shoes includes storing them properly, alternating between pairs so your pairs won’t wear easily, and of course, cleaning them from time to time.

Different shoe materials call for different handling and cleaning methods. It is not advisable for laundry detergents to be used on suede, for instance.

Cleaning of your pairs is generally easy and affordable, too. Here are some DIY techniques you can apply in cleaning different materials for various types of shoes:

Rubber – Shoes made with rubber materials are one of the easiest types to clean. You can just use cleaning agents you normally use in the kitchen such as dishwashing liquid. Simply mix dishwashing liquid or even a small amount of mild detergent with water and use a toothbrush to scrub off dirt and stains. Although rubber is a strong material, avoid using strong bleaching agents because they can cause damage to your rubber shoes.

Leather – Leather shoes are universally used and should always be maintained in order to preserve their good quality. Your leather pairs should be cleaned off after ever use to ensure that they stay in great form. After using your leather shoes, wipe off the dirt with cloth. Then mix water with saddle salt and use this mixture together with a soft cloth to clean your pair. Just make sure that you don’t let the leather get too wet.

Canvas – Shoes made with canvas may be washed using warm water and mild detergent mixed together. Just as with rubber shoes, all you have to do is scrub the dirt away. Stuff your pairs with paper after washing to help it dry quicker.

Suede – Suede is a very delicate material. Cleaning suede shoes requires utmost care. Only use specialised suede brush in removing dirt and apply suede protector after cleaning.

These are the most common shoe materials we use every day. Knowing how to maintain your shoes properly can help extend its life for years.